Banten, Cigumawang waterfall

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Banten, Cigumawang waterfall


Cigumawang waterfall comes from the waterfall and cigumawang, / waterfall / which means waterfall bersaldari sundanese while / Gumawang / which means onion. Why onions? It was said previously about the 70 people sekiter if you see the waterfall with the water discharge at that time was swift and firm terjut water dropping it to form the onion-like waterfall dinamailah Curuh Cigumawang it by name. Location of site to the waterfall is about 5 kilometers to the west of Fountain Baths tourist sites Cirahab. The road to water can plunge through two entrances, one of which is through Padarincang market. In addition also a lot closer daycare motorcycle in the vicinity of entrance Waterfall Cigumawang.

During the journey to the location of our Cigumawang waterfall scenery overlay pesawahan population served, water dams, streams and waterfalls cibedeng small in every corner of the rocks on the hillside.

Cigumawang waterfall springs from the andes mountains above the waterfall Cigumawang and cigumawang waterfall in the center of the source are included large stone covering the springs so as to form a small stream that flows to the right of the waterfall which is quite large.

Cigumawang waterfall reaches a height of approximately 35 meters, the water discharge in the rainy season which falls from greater heights and will shrink during the dry season because the number of illegal loggers who cut down trees around the mountain end, this is what leads to reduced water supplies in the andes mountain waterfall upstream Cigumawang.

In addition to the waterfall, around the waterfall there is a location of a Camping Ground is managed Pak Ujang landowners near the river which is 300 M Cihujan before Curug Cigumawang.

Natural attractions of this area was opened to the public in 1999 by local residents who have land around the waterfall and a legacy of hereditary and is managed well by Nature Concern Forum villagers Padarincang Padarincang Village district. Padarincang Serang.

Location Cigumawang waterfall can be reached from the terminal towards Ciomas Pakupatan Attack within 25 KM and headed Padarincang markets within 3 KM south direction, if the travel of the highway Cinangka within 10 KM towards south.


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