West Java, Muara Jati, Ceribon, Fishing Village

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West Java, Muara Jati, Ceribon, Fishing Village






The existence of Muara Port Teak is closely associated with the history of the town of Cirebon, so the Muara Port Teak is one of the targets were visiting when we were in town this Cirebon. If the day before we use rickshaws to get around in Cirebon, the Harbor Estuary Our Teak visit by renting a car and is the first place we go in the morning.

Pass through Jl. Sisingamangaraja we went in through the port gate and down the street in the harbor estuary complex Jati until finally arriving at a dock located on Jl. Pelita. The atmosphere was fairly quiet in this jetty Teak Muara Port. There are only a few ships that look middle berth, and there is no loading and unloading a flurry of activity common in a commercial harbor.

Teak Muara harbor Cirebon
A tugboat that looks fresh I called KT Muarajati middle berth in one of the docks of the Port Estuary Jati this Cirebon. Behind him is a police patrol boat is gray waters with a machine gun mounted on the bow.

Teak Muara harbor Cirebon
Some pieces of the ship that was docked at the pier harbor estuary Teak Cirebon. In front of the ANS 86 from Jakarta, and behind it is the Atlantic Star 19 of Samarinda. Loading and unloading activities at Muara Port Teak reportedly deserted, as traders seemed to prefer to unload the goods loaded at Port of Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, or the Port of Tanjung Mas in Semarang.

Teak Muara harbor Cirebon
Atlantic Star Ship 19 viewed from the front side. Teak Muara harbor formerly Cirebon this is a small traditional fishing harbor, which began to evolve into the commercial harbor in the 14th century, before the founding of the kingdom in Cirebon.

Teak Muara harbor Cirebon
Piles of coal which form a hill on top of a boat dock on the corner of Harbor Estuary Teak Cirebon. Pier that extends to the left of the ship seems to be a coal unloading jetty at Muara Port Jati Cirebon. Coal trucks this was disputed by the local community because they are often parked in any place.

Teak Muara harbor Cirebon
A small boat appeared to pass into the docks of the Port Estuary Teak Cirebon. After some time around Jl. Lamps, we left the dock this, along the streets in the complex Jati Muara Port Cirebon and stopped a few moments at a small dock located on Jl. Commerce.

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