West Java, Kampung Adat Mahmud Bandung Regency

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Kampung Adat Mahmud Bandung Regency




Mahmud village has a population of about 200 heads of households who occupy an area of 4 hectares, with the majority of residents work as farmers. Founders Village is a grandparent Grandmother Mahmud Abdul Manaf Hidayatuliah Sharif descendant of a saint who came from Cirebon. He left his home to the holy land of Mecca for a while. Until one day he decided to return to his homeland. Before returning he felt a presentiment that his country would be invaded by foreign nations (the Netherlands). Therefore, before returning home he prayed specifically in a place called Mahmud composed adjacent to the Grand Mosque. In accordance with the instructions that he could procure in order to change Mahmud, he was soon looking swamp. Search ends after the discovery of wetlands contained in the outskirts of the Citarum River. Because it will be a township of land, marsh is then backfilled. One by one house appeared to form a village. The village was subsequently given the name of Mahmud, the same name with a place to pray Manaf Grandmother when he was in Mecca, which is composed Mahmud. Mahmud Village community is very loving and honoring ancestors. As a proof of love, appreciation, and respect for the ancestors, they maintain the tomb by a good, even placing it as the shrine is always diziarahi by them. Besides the absence of a prominent impression or attract the attention of the township Mahmud and quiet village atmosphere, in the Dutch period condition is used for a safe hiding place by the inhabitants of the vicinity of the invaders who came to the ground water. Grandmother Abdul Manaf had seven generations until the present, ie, among them: Sutrajaya Grandmother, Grandmother Inu, Mahmud lyan Grandmother, Grandmother Aslim, Grandmother Kiai H. Zaenal Abidin, Kiai Madar and Mohammed H. H. Amin, Mahmud Administratively the village belonging to the Village area Mekarrahayu, District Margaasih, Bandung regency. Exact position, Kampung Mahmud was in RW 04, with only two RT in it, namely RT 01 and RT 02. This place is pretty easy to reach from the city of Bandung, either by private or public vehicle. There are several alternative routes that can be taken to the village of Mahmud, in particular, by public transportation. First, from the Coconut Plantation terminal using public transportation with Coconut-Cibaduyut Garden route, stopping at the terminal Tegallega. From the terminal, using public transportation with routes Tegallega-Mahmud, then stopped at the location of the village of Mahmud. Below at 09.00 am, transportation is usually only up to the Earth Asri I. To continue the journey to the village of Mahmud, available wagon or OJEG. The second alternative, from the Coconut Plantation terminal using public transportation routes with Coconut Plantation – Cibaduyut, and alight at the terminal Leuwi length. From the terminal it up with the city transportation department Cipatik, then stopped at Rahayu. Further up towards the village of Mahmud OJEG. Travel through the two routes are spending approximately 90 minutes. Address: Village Mekarrahayu, Margaasih district, Bandung regency Coordinates: 6 ° 58’18 “S 107 ° 32’24” E phone: email: Internet: Directions: from the terminal using the public transportation Gardens Palm Garden with Coconut-Cibaduyut route, stopping at the terminal Tegallega. From the terminal, using public transportation with routes Tegallega-Mahmud, then stopped at the location of Kampung Mahmud.

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