West Java, Cipta Gelar Mount Halimun

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Cipta Gelar Mount Halimun West Java





Cipta Gelar: The Power of Virtues It was not my first time to visit Cipta Gelar. Its fame has spread widely; especially the story about the famous Abah Anom. After he passed away, his son took over the throne and lead the community. Located within the National Park of Halimun Mountain, Cipta Gelar contains many beauties of West Java. The tradition, the throne, the people, music, houses and many more. It’s not easy for us to get there. We need to pass through woods, without any mobile signal that if you got problems in there, you need to find an open area just to get signal; well at least that was what i’ve experienced. Yet, the feelings in getting there cannot be swept by those limitations. Its location made you to ‘climb’ the mount of Halimun, getting closer to the blue sky of Indonesia (Yes, Indonesia does have a blue-beautiful sky); and the green leaves inside the woods made the views stunning enough. After passing the off-road path for around an hour or so, you will see Cipta Rasa at first. Cipta Rasa is the first village in which Abah Anom stayed, before he moved to Cipta Gelar, the current place of Abah Ugi, the current leader. Passing through Cipta Rasa gives you the feeling of one unique village that is full with houses with its ‘ijuk’-made roofs. That kind of houses is their houses. They believe that ‘ijuk’ is one thing that should be placed above our head, as roofs, instead of clays. Since clays were taken from the earth, then clay should be placed on earth and not above. These kind of believes that made me astonished, because they actually could live their lives properly with virtues that are completely different with those ordinaries. Cipta Gelar is not that much different with Cipta Rasa. Cipta Gelar has several places with names on it. The major place that you have to visit is the Imah Gede. Imah Gede is sort of like Abah’s palace. This is the first place where you have to go before you’re going around Cipta Gelar. You’ll be greeted by someone, who will convey you to Abah’s, asking his permission for you to do your activities there, such as taking pictures and such. Couple of distance from Imah Gede, you will see ‘leuit’ called ‘Si Jimat’. Leuit is like a storage for paddy, after it’s being harvested. There were many things i have enjoyed while i was there. There is this tradition called ‘ngagendek’. ‘Ngagendek’ is one activity while the ladies battered the paddy, at the same time they also make a beautiful rhythm that entertains people. And i got the privilege to hear that unique music. But of course, the best thing ever is to witness with my own eyes, the throne of Abah Ugi when we asked permission to go home. Their tradition of ‘carita’ is genuinely out-flowing from the heart of people there. I’m grateful to witness the beauty of Indonesia’s tradition up-close. From there i realize, that Indonesia is extraordinarily rich; not only its nature, but also its culture.

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