Central Java, Desa Candirejo

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Central Java, Desa Candirejo

Candirejo is based on 2 Javanese words: Candi and Rejo. Candi, also known as the word indicating a temple, in Javanese means Rock, as where Rejo refers to Fertile. Thus, a Fertile Rock. Considering soil in this area being full of rocks, it´s not hard to understand why it´s called Candirejo. Being in close distance to the Borobudur, this village makes a perfect location for an overnight or two. Candirejo offers Homestay accomodation. More information here.
Java is the world’s most densely populated island (population: 136 million). It is home to 60% of Indonesia’s population. Much of Indonesian history took place on Java; it was the centre of powerful Hindu-Buddhist empires, Islamic sultanates, the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies, and was at the centre of Indonesia’s campaign for independence. The island dominates Indonesian social, political and economic life. More information on wikipedia.

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