West Java, Talaga bodas Volcano

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West Java, Talaga bodas Volcano



Country: Indonesia

Subregion Name: Java (Indonesia)

Volcano Number: 0603-15=

Volcano Type: Stratovolcano

Volcano Status: Fumarolic

Last Known Eruption: Unknown

Summit Elevation: 2201 m 7,221 feet

Latitude: 7.208°S 7°12’30″S

Longitude: 108.07°E 108°4’0″E

Gunung Talagabodas stratovolcano lies immediately north of the more well-known Galunggung volcano. Talagabodas, also spelled Telagabodas, is one of the older Quaternary volcanoes in an arcuate N-S-trending volcano group east of the city of Garut and is built up of andesitic lavas and pyroclastics. Younger pyroclastics from Gunung Putri-Eweranda overlap the Talagabodas products in the north. The crater of Talagabodas has shifted 1.3 km north from the summit crater of Canar and contains a large sulfur-saturated lake. Fumaroles, mud pots, and a warm spring are found around the lake, which has an elevated temperature. The age of the most recent eruption from Talagabodas is not known. Changes in lake color occurred in 1913 and 1921, and expanded solfataric activity was reported in 1927. Suffocating gases have frequently killed animals that have wandered into the Pajagalan valley on the NE flank and the Kawah Saat geothermal area south of the crater lake.

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