West Java, Gunung Tampomas Nature Recreation Park

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West Java, Gunung Tampomas Nature Recreation Park

Gunung Tampomas Nature Recreation Park, Gunung Tampomas, Taman Wisata Alam

Country: Indonesia

Subregion Name: Java (Indonesia)

Volcano Number: 0603-13=

Volcano Type: Complex volcano

Volcano Status: Historical

Last Known Eruption: 1847 

Summit Elevation: 2249 m 7,379 feet

Latitude: 7.143°S 7°8’36″S

Longitude: 107.840°E 107°50’23″E

Guntur is a complex of several overlapping stratovolcanoes about 10 km NW of the city of Garut in western Java. Young lava flows, the most recent of which was erupted in 1840, are visible on the flanks of the erosionally unmodified Gunung Guntur, which rises about 1550 m above the plain of Garut. Guntur is one of a group of younger cones constructed to the SW of an older eroded group of volcanoes at the NE end of the complex. Guntur, whose name means “thunder,” is the only historically active center, with eruptions having been recorded since the late-17th century. Although Guntur produced frequent explosive eruptions in the 19th century, making it one of the most active volcanoes of western Java, it has not erupted since.

Longitude (DD) 107.93101733
Latitude (DD) -6.73868597
Designation Nature Recreation Park
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1979
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 1250

Topographic area of Mount Simpang Nature Reserve is an area
high mountains and rolling hills with altitude ranging from
800-1823 meters above sea level.

Nature Reserve ecosystem types include the type of mountain rain forest
overgrown with some kind of liana and epiphyt like Owar (Fagellaria indica),
Kasungka (Dnetum neglectum), Kibarece (Vittis compressa), Angrek Month
(Phalaenopsis amabilis), Kadaka (Drynaria sp), Loranthus (Diplazium esculentum)
and others.
The types of wildlife found in this nature reserve is: Javan
(Trachypithechus auratus), Deer (Muntiacus muntjak), forest Chicken (Gallus
gallus), Lizard (Mabouya sp), Chameleon (Conycephalus dilophus), Gecko (Gecko
gecko) and others.
4. Accessibility
To reach the location of Mount Simpang Nature Caga can be done through the route:
Bandung-Ciwidey-Londok-Location (-ª 86 km). Can be reached by vehicle
four wheels through the streets part-beraspal.Bandung-Balegede Ciwidey –
Naringgul-location natural reserve -ª 100 km through some of paved roads. Bandung –
Ciwidey-Plantation-Rancabali Patuha-location natural reserve -ª 60 km. way
some quite good.

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