East Java, Gunung Picis Nature Reserve

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Gunung Picis Nature Reserve


Longitude (DD) 111.61415035
Latitude (DD) -7.80847864
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1924
IUCN Category III
Documented Total Area (ha) 27
GIS Total Area (ha) 1.778

SK: GB No. 36 Stbl. No. 43, February 4, 1924
Location and Area
– Administrative Region: Sub Ngebel, Ponorogo.
– Geographic: 07 -ª 44’20-07 -ª 45’41 latitude and 111 -ª 39’12-111 -ª 39’44 BT

– The limits:
-North: Pine Forest Production PT Perhutani and Village Pupus
– South: Production Forest Pine PT Perhutani
– West: Pine Forest Production and Village PT Perhutani Gondowido
– East: Production Forest Pine PT Perhutani
– Area: 27.90 Hectares

Topography: From the west to the east topography
corrugated medium, north to south steep topography, with slopes between 45 -ª -60 -ª. Elevation mdpl -ª 1200.

Geology and Soil: It consists of volcanic rock and the soil is a complex condition yellow red Mediterranean, grumusol, latosol, and the rocks and intermedier base.


a. Type climate with a value of C Q = 57.4% (Schmidt and
b. The rainfall annual average of 2647 mm with an average of 147 rainy day today.

c. The rainy season occurs from November to May while the dry season occurs in June to October.

Things biology
Type Ecosystems: the sub tropical rain forest mountains
Flora: The dominant vegetation including morosowo (Engelhardis spicata), plug (Quercus sondaica), control (Radermachera gigantea), nyampoh (Litsea glutinosa), plus (Laportea stimulant).

Fauna: Many species of birds, monkeys (Presbytis cristata), ground squirrels (Lariscus insignus), lizards (Mabouya multifasciata), etc..


Surabaya – Sub Mlilir, Ponorogo (public transportation / bus -ª 175 km) —
Sub Ngebel (rural transportation / four-wheeler -ª 18 km) – CA Mount Picis (four wheeler -ª 5 km).

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