West Java, Gunung Manglayang

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West Java, Gunung Manglayang



Manglayang mountain is perfect for a weekend day hike as you can climb it without camping overnight. The trek is quite slippery and steep at the beginning but the forest makes you enjoy the trek as you will always walk under the shadow of the trees.

You can camp at the East Summit or the (higher) West summit. The East summit (approx. elevation: 1700m) has beautiful view. and is reached after only 2 hours from the entry point at Jatinangor. The West summit elevation is about 1850 and is totally flat. It’s a huge area, ideal for camping, but unfortunately there is no view.

To descend, you can either take the same route back to Jatinangor or via batukuda (‘stone horse). We met some young hikers who took the Batukuda route, and it is quite a clear trail too.

Bagging information by Gita Saraswati (March 2012)

Nominated as a Spesial by Gita Saraswati.


Getting there

There are 2 routes that normally used. First from Jatinangor (Unpad University) and Batukuda in Cileunyi. I took Jatinangor route. From Jakarta simply take the bus from Pasar Rebo, which leave for Garut / Tasikmalaya via Cileunyi. Alight at Cileunyi intersection which only cost you 26k. From Cileunyi take angkot to Jatinangor / Unpad University, from there you can take ojek (or walk 2km). You can either take ojek right at the beginning of the trek or the last warung as reference which will cost you 25k or stop at the broken road which cost you only 10k (need 1km extra walk to get to the last warung or entry point of the trek).


Plenty to suit all tastes and budgets in nearby Bandung.


No need for an official permit if you start from Jatinangor.

Water sources

There is small stream near the warung where you can fill your bottle before ascending. No more water sources during the trek (even on top).

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