West Java, Gunung Ciremai

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West Java, Gunung Ciremai



A solitary giant, this Ribu is the highest peak in West Java province and one of the most popular hikes in Indonesia. The starting points for the hike are 2 to 3 hours by car or public bus to the south of Cirebon, which itself is easily accessible from Jakarta by train. There are three starting points and it is easy to ascend by one route and descend the other. The Apuy route is the best as it starts at a higher elevation (approx 1,250m).

  1. Apuy: take a bus or car to Maja, and from there continue by car or motorbike to the beautiful village of Apuy. A neighbouring village is called Cibuluh – which may be better known. The road climbs steeply and is a little rough as you get to the lower part of Apuy village, and it may be necessary to hire a local motorbike taxi (ojek) to for the last 3 to 4 kilometres because car access might be impossible. There are porters and guides available in Apuy, if you ask. The trail from Apuy is in good condition and is steep, but shorter and easier than from Linggarjati which starts only a few hundred metres above sea level. The ascent should take 5 to 7 hours. There are five posts and it takes approximately one hour between each of them: Pos I, Pos II Perempatan Lima (1,654m) which is a stone shelter, Pos III Tegal Mawasa (2,156m), Pos IV Tegal Jamuju (2,321m) and Pos V (Sanghiang Rangkah, 2,561m). At 2,832m the Apuy route joins with the Palutungan route. Pos VI (2,948m) is a the best spot to camp, being just above a small extinct side crater called Goa Walet (Swallows’ Cave) and just 20 minutes from the crater rim.
  2. Linggarjati (Cibunar): closer and easily accessible from Cirebon by the bus to Kuningan but over 2,000 metres of elevation gain required. A long, tough climb. Get off the bus at Linggarjati and then take a motorbike taxi (ojek) or mini-bus to the starting point. The ascent from Linggarjati is popular, but can be very dusty before entering the forest and the trail heavily eroded in many places. The ascent should take 6 to 8 hours; there are porters and guides available in Linggarjati. Given the accessibility of Linggarjati it is a good option to descend this route after ascending from Apuy, though it’s a long way down.
  3. Palutungan: From Cirebon, take a mini-bus to Cisanatana, and from there, a pick-up to Palutungan (Summit Post, 2009).

There is a cement pillar on the rim at the top of the Apuy/Palutungan trail but the highest point of the mountain itself is a bushy area on the north side of the rim. From here the views to Slamet and the north Java coast are spectacular.

Bagging information provided by Andy Dean (2009), updated thanks to John Hargreaves (September 2011)


Getting there

To get to Cirebon from Jakarta, the best option is an executive class train from Gambir station. The journey takes 3 hours. To reach Majalengka (the nearest town to Apuy) from Jakarta by car takes 4.5 hours.


There are some hotels in Cirebon, but not a huge selection. For the Apuy route, try Hotel Sederhana Baru in Majalengka. In Linggarjati, try Sangkan Indah.


You are required to register at the starting points. At Apuy it costs Rp 8,500 per person (September 2011).

Water sources

None – take sufficient supplies with you.

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