Gunung Bunder Game Reserve, Central Java

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Gunung Bunder Game Reserve

(Surat Keputusan) Menhut No. 353/Menhut-II/2004, 28 September 2004. Luas areal 617 hektar.


Gunung Kidul, Central Java, Indonesia


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Looking for a natural experience not far from Jakarta, but is far enough you can say you had an adventure? I hope my day trip to Gunung Bunder in Bogor will open your thoughts that you don’t have to travel too far to experience nature.

Travelling with a motorcycle touring group (while I was in the logistical car), I had to split up with the group as I took the tol to Bogor, and they had to to take the hard way through Parung, pass markets & dodging angkots (that’s their story not mine).

By car, the road to Gunung Bunder is not too difficult, well atleast the first few kilometers anyway. After exiting the tol in Bogor, you head to the IPB campus found in Dermaga and keep going till you reach Leuwiliang. From here there are two ways to get to the waterfall location, the first one is harder to find because the road is small with no signs showing the location and only enough access for only one car to pass.(This is the course we chose) This road is only advised for those who have an adventurous heart and good driving skills, the why will be told later. The second is a little further a head with signs pointing to the locaton, but usually jammed because of the many angkots stopping on the side of the road. The latter road is easier but more time consumingand less challenging.

Having chosen the first route to the waterfall location, by the motorcycle group, nonetheless, I was forced to follow insync thorough the narrow roads facing traitorous turns and steep inclines. Driving near the edge of a cliff added more of a challenge to the drive up. Driving a standard Toyota Avanza (a friends car) did not make this travel any easier. The only good part of the trip up was that the roads were all paved so made it a little easier driving on a smooth surface. Eventually after a nerve wrecking drive up, we finally approached a main gate for entrance to the waterfall location. A small few is payed before our group continued the trip to the waterfall pictured above. Each vehicle and head per person must pay to enter.

One thing that was added joy in the trip up that got my mind off the road for a few seconds was the beautiful green scenary  around. The green lush landscape, the clear blue sky on that day, and the mountains able to be seen from a distance. A fotographers wet dream I’d say..Tongue out


There are many camping sites available before reaching the water fall, so for those more adventurous people could camp around Gunung Bunder Game Reserve, Central Java. Many are used for scouts (pramuka) outtings, but some do cater for family outings or villa rentals.

Reaching the waterfall location, the group dismounted and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch at the base of the waterfall. Entering into the waterfall reserve a small fee is also payed, this time person only, where those riding motorcycles can park inside, as cars must park in an empty field outside.

From the reserves entrance to the location of the waterfall itself is a short walk of about a few hundred meters. Trekking through a canopy covered jungle, you will eventually witness a sight of beauty only found in nature. The sound of gushing water raises your adrenaline and the scent of moss and mist fills the air as the awesome beauty of the  waterfall appears right before you. Not thinking twice, I eventually stripped down to my boxers in anticipation to plunge into the waterfall. The cold of the water slaps you hard but if you stay longer in the water, the cold will eventually leave you.

The current of the  waterfall that day was quite heavy due to the rain prior to the day of our arrival. We all jumped into the waterfall playing and splashing in the cold frigid water, those who were cold at first eventually forgot about the cold and all had fun. It is not advised to climb the waterfall & jump from it, because the waterfalls walls are very slippery due to moss and the water below is quite shallow.

I recommend this place to people seeking a true get away from the hustle & bustle of city life & seeking a back-to-nature retreat. For those wanting to camp as mentioned before, many camping sites are available.

Take the trip and be adventurous!!!

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