Vihara Dewi Welas Asih Chinese Temple at Cirebon

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Vihara Dewi Welas Asih Cirebon
This is one of the oldest temples in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia, Kelenteng Dewi Welas Asih. As the name stated, this temple is dedicated to the Goddess Guan Yin (Kwan Im) whom in Bahasa Indonesia often referred to “Dewi Welas Asih”.

I really love the ornaments on the exterior of this temple, especially those two castle-like ornaments on the roof. There are mythical creatures too such as dragons, phoenix, and on the top center of the roof is i believe a Qilin (Kie Lin).

This temple has 18 altars, each dedicated to a specific Deity such as Guan Yin (Kwan Im), Guan Yu (Kwan Te Kun/Kwan Kong), Hok Tek Ceng Sin, Wei Tho Posat, and many Others

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