West Java, Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace Cirebon

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Kasepuhan Palace Cirebon


Kasepuhan Palace is located at Road Sultan Kasepuhan No. 43, Village Kasepuhan, Lemahwungkuk District, City of Cirebon, West Java Province, Indonesia. Visiting the Palace Kasepuhan as if visiting the city of Cirebon tempo first. Palace existence Kasepuhan also confirmed that the city increasingly Cirebon never happened acculturation. Acculturation that occurs not only between the Sunda Javanese culture to culture, but also with various cultures in the world, like China, India, Arab, and Europe.

This is a form of identity and typical Cirebon society today, which is not Javanese and Sundanese not. The impression has been felt from the beginning to enter the location of the palace. The presence of two white tiger statues at the gate, in addition to symbolizing that the Sultanate of Cirebon is the successor kingdom of Padjadjaran, also show the influence of Hinduism as the official religion of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran. Gates resembling a temple in Bali, carved leaf its gate a European-style door, fence Siti his Hingil of Chinese ceramics, and walls surrounding the palace made of red bricks typical Javanese architecture, is another evidence of acculturation.

More subtle nuances of acculturation when entering the front room that serves as a museum. In addition to containing a variety of knick-knacks typical Javanese kingdom in general, like a train golden lion barong, two ancient stretcher, and various types of weapons century-old heritage, this museum visitors can also see the various collections of souvenirs in the form of jewelry and weapons from abroad, such as Egyptian rifles, cannons Mongolian, Portuguese and armor. King throne made of wood with a simple background color of the flag that symbolizes the nine Wali Songo. This proves that the Sultanate of Cirebon is also influenced by Javanese culture and Islamic religion.

In addition, in the backyard visitors can see the palace garden and several wells from a spring which is considered sacred and a blessing. This area is crowded pilgrims on the long ceremony, held parties fetish palace every year to commemorate the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Inside the palace there is the location of the Great Mosque Sang Cipta Rasa, tourist information centers, tour guides, pavilion resting place, and the school dance. Outside the palace, visitors can easily find kiosk telephone kiosk, credit vouchers, food stalls, as well as centers of gift and souvenir.

From Jakarta to Cirebon, visitors can use the bus, travel, or train. Transportation can also be used similar visitors who come from Bandung. Arriving in Cirebon, visitors can ride public transportation or a motorcycle taxi to the location of the palace.

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