East Java, Kediri Airlangga Museum

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Kediri Airlangga Museum


Airlangga. Museum is located dikomplek klotok type Mountains this is not too large, but the collection is pretty much low .. ranging from rock, tool-Alay kingdom, until the time of the kingdom Kediri vehicle / Doho hundreds of years ago. Cheap tickets really just a thousand dollars, so we can see-see museum full. In front of the museum entrenched a very famous statue of the eagle statue Airlangga who boarded the course is the original statue that has become an icon Airlangga University in Surabaya, and of course became the name of the museum itself, 🙂

Musemum there is a temple next to the Hindu usually crowded on certain days of the day. Not far from the museum there is also Airlangga Selomangleng Goa which is also the site of the kingdom Kediri. It is said that Goa was first used as a Goddess Kilisuci their meditation and some great people in the kingdom of Kadiri. The truth is I do not know;-) uga.

Goanya is not too large, even a relatively very small, there are two entrances that inside was very dark with no lighting. Maybe Goa is indeed sacred by its organizer, so do not try to get into Goa too far, might not make it out later.

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