Baluran National Park 7 Mammals

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Baluran National Park

7 Mammals

Bos-javanicus-01-200 Cervus-unicolor-01-200 Cuon-alpinus-javanicus-01-200 Panthera-pardus-melas-01-200

Bos javanicus
Banteng Cervus unicolor
Sambar deer
Rusa sambar Cuon alpinus javanicus
Asian wild dog
Ajag Panthera pardus
Macan tutul

Prionailurus-viverrinus-01-200 Trachypithecus-auratus-01-200 Tragulus-javanicus-javanicus-01-200  

Prionailurus viverrinus
Fishing cat
Kucing bakau Trachypithecus auratus
Javan Lutung,
Langur Lutung budeng Tragulus javanicus
Lesser Malay mouse deer Kancil  



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