Alas purwo National Park Animals, Birds, Mammals and Reptiles Index

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Alas purwo National Park Birds


Actitis hypoleucos
Common Sandpiper
Trinil pantaiGallus gallus
Red junglefowl
Ayam hutan merahHalycon chloris
Collared Kingfisher
Cekakak suciMerops philippinus
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
Kirik-kirik lautPavo-muticus-01-200Tringa-glareola-01-200


Alas purwo National Park Mammals



Pavo muticus

Green Peafowl
MerakTringa glareola
Wood Sandpiper
Trinil semakBos javanicus
Banteng BantengCervus unicolor
Sambar deer
Rusa sambarCuon-alpinus-javanicus-01-200Panthera-pardus-melas-01-200Trachypithecus-auratus-01-200

Cuon alpinus javanicus
Asian wild dog
AjagPanthera pardus
Macan tutulTrachypithecus auratus
Javan Lutung,Langur
Lutung budeng

Alas purwo National Park Reptiles

Eretmochelys imbricata
Hawksbill turtle
Penyu sisik
Chelonia mydas
Green turtle
Penyu Hijau
Dermochelys coriacea Leatherback turtle
Penyu belimbing
Lepidochelys olivacea
Olive Ridley Turtle
Penyu Ridel, Penyu Lekang

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