Psittacella brehmii, Brehm’s Tiger Parrot, Nurimacan Brehm

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Psittacella brehmii, Brehm’s Tiger Parrot, Nurimacan Brehm



Psittacella brehmii, Brehm's Tiger Parrot, Nurimacan Brehmhm’s Tiger Parrot, Psittacella brehmii, is also known as Brehm’s Ground Parrot. It is a small (19-24 cm) parrot found in the highlands of New Guinea, from 1,500-2,600m (extremes 1,100-3,800m). It is mainly green with a dull olive brown head, yellow and black bars on the mantle, back and rump, and red undertail coverts. The males have a yellow crescent on the side of the neck; females do not, but have a barred breast.

There are four subspecies occurring in three distinct populations:

* P. b. brehmii: Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua.
* P. b. intermixta: Central highlands of New Guinea. Underparts and barring on back more yellowish-green. Larger.
* P. b. pallida: SE highlands of New Guinea. Like nominate but narrower bill.
* P. b. harterti: Huon Peninsula (NE New Guinea). Paler head, less yellowish-green. Smaller.

In Brehm’s central range the Painted Tiger Parrot, P. picta, takes over above 2700m, but that species is not found in the Huon range, where Brehm’s ranges higher. They are found singly or in small groups and feed on seeds and berries in the sub-canopy or near ground level.

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