Polyplectron-chalcurum, Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant,

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Polyplectron-chalcurum, Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant, Kuau-kerdil Sumatera


The Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant, Polyplectron chalcurum is also known as the Sumatran Peacock-pheasant. It is an Indonesian bird.
The Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant is a small, up to 56cm long, dark brown pheasant with dark grey legs, rather small head and long, narrow tail of sixteen feathers. The tail feathers are chestnut brown with metallic purplish bars near tips. Both sexes are similar. The male has longer tail, two spurs on legs and yellow iris while the unspurred female’s is dark brown.

Taxonomy and evolution

The Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant belongs to the family Phasianidae and the genus Polyplectron, which consists of seven peacock-pheasant species. There are two subspecies:

* P. c. chalcurum, described by Lesson in 1831, which is known as the Southern Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant.
* P. c. scutulatum, described by Hoogerwerf in 1941, which is known as the Northern Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant.

Distribution and habitat

An Indonesian endemic, the Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant inhabits to mountain forests of west Sumatra.


As with other member in the genus, this elusive bird is shy and very wary. But unlike other peacock-pheasants, it has no ocelli. Unusually for Galliformes, pairs of this species move around together not only on foot, but also in the air, in the manner of dove

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