Ninox squamipila, Moluccan Boobook, Pungguk Maluku

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Ninox squamipila, Moluccan Boobook, Pungguk Maluku


Ninox is a genus of owls comprising aboNinox squamipila, Moluccan Boobook, Pungguk Malukuut 20 species found in Asia and Australasia. Many species are known as hawk owls. Note that the Northern Hawk Owl Surnia ulula is not a member of this genus.

The species of Ninox are:

* Rufous Owl, Ninox rufa
* Powerful Owl, Ninox strenua
* Barking Owl, Ninox connivens
* Sumba Boobook, Ninox rudolfi
* Little Sumba Boobook, Ninox sumbaensis
* Southern Boobook, Ninox novaeseelandiae
o Morepork, Ninox (novaeseelandiae) novaeseelandiae
o Norfolk Island Boobook, Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata – extinct (1996)
o Southern Boobook, Ninox (novaeseelandiae) boobook
o Lord Howe Island Morepork, Ninox novaeseelandiae/boobook albaria – extinct (1950s)
* New Caledonian Boobook, Ninox cf. novaeseelandiae – prehistoric, might still survive
* Andaman Hawk Owl, Ninox affinis
* Brown Hawk Owl, Ninox scutulata
* White-browed Hawk Owl, Ninox superciliaris
* Philippine Hawk Owl, Ninox philippensis
* Ochre-bellied Hawk Owl, Ninox ochracea
* Cinnabar Hawk Owl, Ninox ios
* Moluccan Hawk Owl, Ninox squamipila
* Christmas Island Hawk-Owl, Ninox natalis
* Jungle Hawk Owl, Ninox theomacha
* Manus Hawk Owl, Ninox meeki
* Speckled Hawk Owl, Ninox punctulata
* Bismarck Hawk Owl, Ninox variegata
* New Britain Hawk Owl, Ninox odiosa
* Solomon Hawk Owl, Ninox jacquinoti
* Togian Hawk-owl, Ninox burhani

The fossil owls “Otus” wintershofensis and “Strix” brevis, both from the Early or Middle Miocene of Wintershof West, Germany, are close to this genus; the latter was sometimes explicitly placed in Ninox (Olson 1985) but is now in Intutula. “Strix” edwardsi from the Late Miocene of La Grive St. Alban, France, might also belong into this group.

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