Loriculus galgulus

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Loriculus galgulus, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, Serindit Melayu

The Blue-Loriculus-galgulus, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrotcrowned Hanging Parrot, Loriculus galgulus, is a small (length: 5 inches, 13cm) mainly green parrot found in forested lowlands from Thailand to Borneo.

Its diet includes flowers, buds, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots are mostly green and the adults have black beaks. Adult males are have a blue crown, red throat, red rump, and a yellow lower back. Adult females are duller than males and lack the yellow lower back, usually lack the red throat, and the blue crown is much less noticeable. The juveniles are duller than the female, and have a gray forehead and a horn colored beak.


Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots nest in tree cavities. There are usually three eggs in a clutch. The female incubates the eggs for 20 days and the chicks leave the nest about 33 days from hatching.

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