Hypothymis-azurea, Black-naped Monarch

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Hypothymis-azurea, Black-naped Monarch, Kehicap Ranting

The Black-nHypothymis-azurea, Black-naped Monarchaped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea), also known as the Black-naped Blue Monarch, is a small passerine bird.

The Black-naped Monarch breeds across tropical southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to Indonesia and the Philippines. This species is usually found in thick forests and other well-wooded habitats. Three eggs are laid in a small cup nest in a tree.

The adult male Black-naped Monarch is about 16 cm long, and is mainly pale blue apart from a whitish lower belly. It has a black nape and a neat black gorget. The female is duller and lacks the black markings. Her wings and back are grey-brown. Males of the Sri Lankan race H. a. ceylonensis lack the black nape and gorget.

The Black-naped Monarch has short legs and sits very upright whilst perched prominently, like a shrike. It is insectivorous, often hunting by flycatching.

Two Indonesian subspecies, blasii and puella, are sometimes split as the Pale-blue Monarch, Hypothymis puella.

Even the population of the black-naped monarch is huge in India, Philippines, Indonesia and in some other places, in Bangladesh the number of birds of this species is declining rapidly because of excessive bird hunting as a hobby with Air gun and .22 bore pistols.

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