Geopelia maugei

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Geopelia maugei, Barred Dove,  Perkutut Loreng

The barred dove is simGeopelia-maugeus-01-400ilar to the zebra dove (G. striata) and the peaceful dove (G. placida). Previously all three species were included under the name Geopelia striata. The common name, barred dove, has been used for both of these species, and is still often used

The barred dove is slightly larger than the zebra dove being about two centimeters longer. It also differs from the G. striata and G. placida by the yellow orbital skin. These latter two species have a bluish orbital skin.

This bird is found in Indonesia on the Lesser Sunda Islands, including Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, the Tanibar Islands, and the Kei islands. Unlike the zebra dove, it is common throughout its range

Barred doves are usually found in dry, open habitat with some scrub vegetation which is used for cover. Sometimes they are found along the edge of dry wooded areas.


* Male Length – 232-258 mm
* Female Length – 210-233 mm
* Estimated Weight – 75-85 grams


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