Geoffroyus simplex

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Geoffroyus simplex, Blue-collared Parrot,  Nuri Kalung-biru

The Geoffroyus-simplex-01-400Blue-collared Parrot, Geoffroyus simplex, also known as Simple Parrot, Lilac-collared Song Parrot, or Lilac-collared Geoffroy’s Parrot, is a parrot found in the higher elevations of New Guinea. It is found from 500-2300m, mainly between 800-1900m (though food shortages will send them lower). It is 23-25 cm, mainly green with a black beak, yellow wing bend, blue underwing coverts, and a pale yellow iris. Adult males have a blue collar across upper breast to lower neck above the mantle, adult females have some blue on the rear crown. Juveniles have no blue and a paler bill. There are two subspecies:

* G. s. simplex: Arfak and Tamrau Mountains on Vogelkop Peninsula. 23 cm
* G. s. buergersi: On rest of island. 25 cm, collar on males is duller but wider in back.

It inhabits humid hill forest and forest edges. Flocks are up to 200.



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