East Kalimantan Muara Sebuku Nature Reserve

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Muara Sebuku Nature Reserve


Latitude : 4 4 7 N Logitude : 117 22 27 E
Altitude : 0 to 100 metres
Area : 110000 ha Wetlands: 110000 ha
Tenure : Government of Indonesia
Site Description
The site is an estuarine system with deltas, where three rivers end: the Semanggaris, Sebakis, and Sebuku rivers. Tinabasan and Sebaung are the largest deltas. In this estuarine system, extensive mangrove forest occur. Principal vegettion incluses Rhizophora and Avicennia.These two genera dominates the sea-ward side of the estuary. Upstream of the three rivers, Nypa belt occurs along the river bank of the rivers. The mangrove forest is considered the remaining best and least disturbed mangroves left in the province East Kalimantan (55,000 ha). Also includes some peatswamp (10,000 ha) of high importance to fisheries and important as habitat for the Proboscis Monkey. To the south, outside the proposed conservation area, extrensive peat swamp forest occur on Gambut land system, particularly between Sebuku, Sembakung and Sesayap rivers. The condition of peat swamp forest during the 1997 airial survey, was relatively in good condition. Based on the survey, it was observed that the condition of mangrove forest at the south of the Sebuku estuary (e.g. Baru island, Bangkudulis besar island, Tibi island) is not as good as at Sebuku estuary. At these sites, a lot of clearings occur, and the mangrove forests are converted to fishponds (tambak). Cathment area of the above rivers are generally forested, although logging activities occur.

Site Location
The site is located at the north coast of East Kalimantan, near the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. The closest town is Nunukan, on Nunukan island, near the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. The site can be reached from Samarinda (the capital of East Kalimantan) by plane. The route is Samarinda – Tarakan- Nunukan. Regular boat service from Tarakan to Nunukan is also available (three hour cruise). To get to the site from Nunukan, one can use boats. From Malaysia, Nunukan can easily be reached from Tawao.

List of Birds (5 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Aceros corrugatus Vulnerable
Ciconia stormi Endengered
Polyplectron schleiermacheri Critically Endengered App II
Rhyticeros corrugatus Vulnerable
Spizaetus nanus Vulnerable App II

List of Mammals (4 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Bos javanicus Endengered
Elephas maximus Endengered App I
Nasalis larvatus Vulnerable App I
Pongo pygmaeus Vulnerable App I


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