Nusa Laut Fort Beverwijk

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 Nusa Laut  Fort Beverwijk

In 1654 there is record of a building defenses (blokhuis) located on the Gulf island of Nusalaut. Blocks of houses built by Admiral Verhoeven Beverwijk around 1654. In the year 1656 defense building is named / called Beverwijk. The house is guarded by a lump of a sergeant with 20 soldiers, and a skilled physician to heal wounds. Dutch authorities when it named Van Honimoa. In 1673 a guard sergeant was replaced by a deputy head of trading, which also served as a bookkeeper or accountant in the present. However, with the passing of time, the slums and Beverwijk be deemed no longer necessary. VOC assumed that a small army post is quite adequate for the defense in the region. Beverwijk in 1817 was occupied by local residents and the occupants were killed, except a corporal and two soldiers European Java. However, shortly afterwards, along with the return of the Dutch by the British, the Dutch regained control of the building was restored partially started. Seven years later, in Beverwijk tahun1824 officially returned to the Netherlands defense buildings and guarded by a group of soldiers. In front of the building this defense has been killing people, that is a grizzled old captain named captain Paul Tiahahu, on 17 November 1817. The incident was witnessed by the people and his daughter Christina Martha Tiahahu. In 1838 this building back into a shabby defenses, so that eventually become ruins. At the beginning of the 20th century only some walls still standing overgrown bushes and trees, making the entire ruins to be a tense place.

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