Haruku Fort Nieuw Zeelandia

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Haruku Fort Nieuw Zeelandia


In 1626 Governor van Gorkum build a small fort called Zeelandia. However, its construction is not careful. In 1655 Fort Zeelandia Nieuw built to replace the small fort Zeelandia. The new fort was manned by 24 soldiers under the command of a sergeant. In 1817 the castle destroyed, and many guns are not used anymore. But the fort was guarded by about 50 soldiers, even the garrison was later expanded to 106 men under Lieutenant-two people. One year later, in tahun1818 powerful storms that sweep the ocean and destroy the fort. On 27 April 1820 a letter was sent to the Resident Governor of Maluku Haruku in connection with the planned expansion and improvement of the fort. Therefore proposed that the necessary building materials must dikumpukan before the engineer arrived. Two years later, in tahun1822, the ruins of Fort Zeelandia built Nieuw again. In 1862 the fort was abandoned and the troops into the shelter supervisor who oversees the delivery of the clove harvest. At that time, the wall of Fort Zeelandia Nieuw height of about 4 to 5 feet, and also quite thick. The fort is made of stacked rock, and fitted the holes to fire a rifle. Gunpowder storage buildings and detached from the main building of the castle. Buildings built outside the castle is a house when it was inhabited by a head region. It is surrounded by residential houses and palisade fence. Around the year 1862 when the castle became the superintendent of cloves occupancy, the four buildings form a square fortress that has holes to shoot, and there is also a bastion facing the mainland and another one facing the sea. There is also a resident house made of stone, spice storage, and an army barracks (to 40 soldiers). In 1921 the fort was established in the field in a number of huts surrounded by gardens of palm and corn. Both bastion located face to face. Along the walls are made narrow holes to fire a rifle.

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