Yokyakarta, Samudraraksa Ship Museum

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Yokyakarta, Samudraraksa Ship Museum

Samudraraksa Ship Museum

Samudraraksa Ship Museum

Samudraraksa Ship Museum

Samudraraksa Ship Museum

Samudraraksa Ship Museum is located in the complex of Borobudur Temple.
There lies Samudraraksa ship that was used to sail the ocean from Indonesia to Ghana.

This ship succeeds to make a history in Samudraraksa Ship Expedition when it sails to reroute the marine exploration in the eight century.

In this museum, you will see how strong the ship that is made traditionally. You will also see the items used during the voyage. For instance: cooking equipments, daily appliances, books, CDs and cassettes. Books are time killers for the voyagers. CDs and cassettes will console their heart and remedy their longing for their beloved ones. There are also medicines to keep their health.
SAMUDRARAKSI, from relief to Africa

* 8 November 1982 Philip Beale visited Borobudur temple and he admired the ship relief on the temple. He was inspired to “follow” the voyage route of Borobudur Ship.
* September 2002 Philip Beale contacted Nick Burningham to design Borobudur ship that is capable of sailing the ocean.
* 19 January 2003 Borobudur Ship is started to be made by As’ad Abdullah aged 69 years old in Pagerungan Kecil Island, Sumenep Regency, Madura by using traditional technology.
* May 2003 a selection of the ship crew member candidates was done.
* 25 May 2003 Borobudur Ship was launched to the sea.
* June 2003 Sailing Test from Pangerungan Kecil Island to Benoa (Bali), through Banyuwangi waters.
* 2 July 2003 Seminar on pre-launching of Borobudur Ship in Jakarta.
* 16 July 2003 Borobudur Ship is inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism I Gede Ardika, then followed by press conference.
* 22 July 2003 Borobudur Ship left Benoa for Ancol, Jakarta, through Surabaya, Karimunjawa, and Semarang.
* 15 August 2003 Borobudur Ship was named Samudraraksa that means “Sea Guard” and set for Madagaskar by President Megawati Sukarnoputri.
* 12 September 2003 the sailing reached Victoria harbor, Seychelles.
* 29 September 2003 Samudraraksa Ship left Seychelles for Madagaskar.
* 14 October 2004 Samudraraksa Ship reached Mahajanga, Madagaskar.
* 26 October 2003 Samudraraksa Ship left for Cape Town, South Africa.
* 16 November 2003 harbored at Richards Bay.
* 1 December 2003 harbored at Durban Harbor.
* 7 December 2003 harbored at Elizabeth Harbor.
* 5 January 2004 arrived in Cape Town, South Africa.
* 17 January 2004 left for Ghana.
* 3 February 2004 reached Jamestown Bay, ST.Helena.
* 23 February 2004 Samudraraksa arrived the final destination and harbored in Tema Harbor, Accra, Graha.
* 26 March 2004 the crew members of Samudraraksa Ship got Satya Lencana from President Megawati Sukarnoputri.

Finally, the strong ship that has sailed thousands kilometers and broke the ocean waves stays in this museum.
Samudraraksa Ship

Dimension of Samudraraksa Ship:

* Length 18.29 meters
* Width 4.50 meters
* Height 2.25 meters

This ship is divided into 3 parts, namely:

* Front (cabin for sleeping)
* Middle (dining room and navigation)
* Rear (driving room, kitchen)

During its sailing, the ship is equipped with:

* 2 upright sails
* 2 driver wheels
* Double leeboards

The speed of Samudraraksa is 3-10 knots Ship capacity:

* 16 people
* 1500 fresh water
* 900 kg rice
* 2 upright sails
* 1 ton of firewood
* 0.5 ton of food and ingredients

This ship is also equipped with safety facilities, namely:

* Global Positioning Satellite (to locate the ship position)
* NavTex (to receive weather information)
* EchoSounder (to detect water depth)
* Inmarsat Telephone Satellite (to communicate on the ocean)
* 2 Lift Rafts

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