Central Kalimantan Teluk Kumai-Sungai Kumai Nature Reserve

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Teluk Kumai-Sungai Kumai Nature Reserve 


Latitude : 2 41 27 S Logitude : 111 39 12 E
Altitude : 0 to 500 metres
Area : 3900 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Tenure : Under responsibility of Kota Waringin local government
Site Description
The Kumai river is one of the smaller rivers in Kalimantan, carrying a relatively small amount of silt. Average depth is 30 to more than 50 feet. Average widht is 750 m. At about 50 nautical miles from the mouth, the river ceases to be navigable. At this point two smaller rivers flow together to form the Kumai. The river ends in a wide bay, Kumai Bay. here mangrove and Nypa swamps are found, and also some sandy beaches. The town (Kumai) lies at the east bank. The river drains only small local catchments. At the end of the West Monsoon the water is fresh and even the sea nearby has a low salinity. At the end of the dry period (East Monsoon), the river becomes saline up to the highest navigable point (20% at the surface). Principal vegetation: Nipah (Nypa fruticans) and mangrove swamps.
Site Location
Teluk Kumai is located in Central Kalimantan. The nearest town is Pangkalan Buun.

List of Birds (6 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Anhinga melanogaster Lower Risk
Egretta alba
Egretta garzetta
Haliaeetus leucogaster App II
Leptoptilos javanicus Vulnerable
Pandion haliaetus App II

List of Mammals (3 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Dugong dugon Vulnerable App I
Orcaella brevirostris Deficient Data App II
Sus scrofa

List of Reptiles (4 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Chelonia mydas Endengered App I
Crocodylus porosus Vulnerable App II
Eretmochelys imbricata Critically Endengered App I
Varanus salvator App II

List of Vegetations (1 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Nypa fruticans


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