Central Kalimantan Kelompok Hutan Kahayan Nature Reserve

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Kelompok Hutan Kahayan Nature Reserve


Latitude : 2 54 3 S Logitude : 114 4 36 E
Altitude : 0 to 20 metres
Area : 150000 ha Wetlands: 150000 ha

Site Description
The site is a small part of the most extensive peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan (Sebangau catchment). A large area of swamp forest, with about 90,000 ha of peatswamp forest, 10,000 ha freshwater swamp forest and 50,000 ha of mangrove swamp. The mangrove swamp is considered an extremely well developed example of Southern Kalimantan mangrove. Principal vegetation: Mangroves and freshwater/peatswamp forests.

Site Location
The reserve includes swamp area in Tanjung Matalajur to Murung Rivers. The Kahayan estuary is included in the reserve.

List of Birds (2 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Buceros rhinoceros App II
Egretta garzetta

List of Mammals (8 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Cervus unicolor
Hylobates muelleri Critically Endengered App I
Macaca nemestrina Vulnerable App II
Muntiacus muntjak
Nasalis larvatus Vulnerable App I
Pongo pygmaeus Vulnerable App I
Trachypithecus cristatus Lower Risk App II
Tupaia dorsalis App II

List of Reptiles (4 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Crocodylus siamensis Critically Endengered App I
Python reticulatus App II
Tomistoma schlegeli Deficient Data App I
Varanus salvator App II

List of Vegetations (16 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Artocarpus sp.
Avicennia sp.
Barringtonia acutangula
Calamus sp.
Diospyros sp.
Dyera costulata
Eugenia sp.
Gonystylus bancanus
Koompassia malaccensis
Nypa fruticans
Rhizophora sp.
Shorea teysmanniana
Sonneratia sp.
Terminalia sp.
Tetramerista glabra
Xylopia sp.


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