Central Kalimantan Nature Reserves and National Parks Map

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Kalimantan Central

Nature Reserves and National Parks Map

Central Kalimantan, kalimantan tenggha, Nature Reserve, Cagar Alam, Wildlife Reserve, Suaka Margasatwa, Hunting Game Reserve, Taman Buru, Grand Forest Park, Taman Hutan Raya, Nature and Recreation Park, Taman Wisata Alam

1 National Parks


0 Nature Reserves

16 Proposed Nature Reserves

Bukit Batikap I,II and III Nature Reserve
Bukit Batutenobang Protection Forest
Bukit Sepat Hawung Nature Reserve
Bukit Tangkiling Nature Reserve
Danau Burung
Kelompok Hutan Kahayan Kuala Kayan Nature Reserve
Lamandau Game Reserve Pararawen Baru Nature Reserve
Rawa Gambut Sontang
Sebangau National Park
Tanjung Penghujan
Tanjung Keluang Nature Receation Park
Teluk Kumai-Sungai Kumai
Teluk Sampit-Tanjung Bandaran

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