Telaga Warno Pengilon Nature Recreation Park

Telaga Warno Pengilon Nature Recreation Park


Longitude (DD) 109.95214872
Latitude (DD) -7.23230844
Designation Nature Recreation Park
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1978
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 40

Physical condition Regions
Nature Park Tlogo Warno / Pengilon defined as the natural park area based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Tax. 740/Kpts/Um/11/1978 dated 30 November 1978 an area of 39.60 hectares.
Is geographically located between 7 -ª 12’19 “- 7 -ª 12’50” S and 3 -ª 06’03 “- 3 -ª 06’33” BT with 1500 m altitude above sea level.
Based on government administration, Nature Park Tlogo Warno / Pengilon included in Kejajar subdistrict, district of Wonosobo.
Based on the administrative management of including Resort KSDA Dieng, Sub Section Banyumas Conservation Area.
Nature Park Tlogo Warno / Pengilon according to the classification of Schmidt and Fergusson had type B climate with a value of Q = 21.80%, maximum temperature 15 -ª – 20 -ª C and minimum temperature 5 -ª – 10 -ª C, and even sometimes the temperature can reach 1 -ª C. Therefore, in the wet season often lead to hail damage to crops.
Nature Park has WarnolPengilon Tlogo mountain forest type
dominated by Accacia deccurens.
The diversity of fauna present include Mliwis (Dendrocygna arcuata) swim in the grass WLINGI. The birds are often found Terkuku (Streptopelia chinensis), Kacer (Lopyscus maularis), Sandpipers (Tringa hypoleucas), and Ayam Hutan (Gallus sp) and there are also fish Bader Bang (Puntius bramoides).
Other Potential
Telogo Warno is a freshwater lake surface was a colorful, while Tlogo Pengilon clear like a mirror surface (Javanese: Pengilon = mirror). Both this lake on a nearby stretch of the Dieng Plateau berketinggian -ª 2000 m above sea level. Distinctiveness of the lake is currently a magnet for such penginjung where the panorama is not found elsewhere.
To reach the TWA. Tlogo Warno / Pengilon can be reached by public transport route Semarang – Secang-Temanggung – Parakan – Wonosobo – Dieng-location. For visitors / researchers were able to stay with residents in the nearby village or a nearby hotel in Dieng.
Balai KSDA Central Java
Jl. Minister Supeno 1 / 2 fl. IV
Semarang 50,243
Tel. [024] 8414750 – Fax. [024] 8417020

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