Sub Vak 18c and 19b Nature Reserve

Sub Vak 18c and 19b Nature Reserve


Longitude (DD) 109.20284189
Latitude (DD) -6.96333787
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1930
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 7

Nature Reserve profession SUB AND 18 C 19 B JATINEGARA
a. Skinfold and Area
Sub CA profession 18c and 19B Tinegara covering 6.60 ha, located in Kaupaten Tegal, Central Java province.
b. Status Area
Sub CA profession 18c and 19B Tinegara appointed since the Dutch era with Besluit Hoofd Inspecteur No. 2980 dated May 19, 1930.
c. Flora and Fauna
Flora: Nature Preserve Sub profession Jatinegara 18C and 19B with the main flora Teak (Tectona grandis), there is also banyan and bamboo.
Fauna: Eagle Brontok (Spizaetus creetatus), Kancil (Tragulus sp.), Kijang (Muntiacus muntjak), Alas Chicken (Gallus sp.), Peacock (Pavo muticus), and Spotted (Streptopelia chinensis).
d. Accessibility
To reach the location of the Sub profession Nature Reserve 18C and 19B can be done through route Semarang – Pemalang – Suradadi by public transportation. Suradadi – Kedung Teak – as far as location 20 km.
For visitors / researchers were able to stay with residents in nearby villages.
c. Manager
Balai KSDA Central Java
Jl. The DR. Suratmo No. 171
Semarang 50,147
Tel. [024] 7614752 Fax 024 7614701

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