Keling I/II/III Nature Reserve Jepara

Keling I/II/III Nature Reserve Jepara


(Surat Keputusan) GB. No. 6 Stbl 96, 21 Februari 1919. Luas areal 61,7 hektar.

Nature Reserve KELING Il / Ill
Physical condition Regions
Kling Nature Reserve II / III was appointed as a nature reserve by the Governor Besluit
General of the Dutch East Indies Gazette No. 6 No. 90 dated February 21, 1919.
with area 65.80 hectares.
Nature Reserve is geographically Kling II / III is located between 6 ° 24’72 “- 6 ° 26’50” S and
4 ° O’74 “- 4 ° 1’05” BT.
Based on government administration, Kling Nature Reserve II / III included in the
Bumiharjo Village area, District Keling, Jepara regency.
Nature Reserve area Kling II / III is a long stretch of plains
and the beach (0 m asl) to the south (Bumiharjo Village) with a height of 10 m above sea level.
In general, LI Kling Nature Reserve / ILL is a lowland forest
is a water catchment area boundaries to the west is
a river which empties into the Java Sea.
Based on the classification of Schmidt and Fergusson, Jepara Regency in
categorized in the general climate type D (was), while the Sub Kling
including climate type C. Rainfall is 3588 mm / year with minimum temperature
20 ° C and maximum temperature of 36 ° C.
This nature reserve is located on the edge of the Java Sea. This is the first area of natural forest
mixture. Then due to the reform euphoria big trees here too
join looted, so that current conditions are quite concerned. Territory live
bushes and small trees. In the year 2002 has been done
rehabilitation of areas with the planting of billowing, Kesambi, greetings, jrakah and
Bendo, numbering about 1,500 seeds. However, some plants were also
died because of drought.
Kling Nature Reserve II / III had a heterogeneous forest with lowland type,
with the main flora Teak (Tectona grandis), Kesambi (Scleichera oleosa), Bendo
(Artocarpus – elastica), Gondang Green (Ficus variegata) and Jrakah (Ficus indica),
Rau (Dracontomelon mangiferum) and Welahan (Dysoxylum excelsum).
The diversity of fauna that exist between the other long-tailed monkey (Macaca fascicularis),
King Prawn (Alcedinidae), Deer (Muntiacus muntjak), Snake and Pig Forest (Sus
Kling Nature Reserve II / III can be reached from Semarang by public transport
is ± 120 km with a good asphalt road conditions. The route to Semarang Jepara
through Demak and location Welahan to be taken for ± 3 hours. For the
visitors / researchers can stay home residents in nearby villages or hotels
nearest town of Jepara.
Balai KSDA Central Java
Jl. Minister Supeno 1 / 2 fl. IV
Semarang 50,243
Tel. [024] 8414750 – Fax. [024] 8417020


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