Jatijajar Cave, Kebumen

Jatijajar Cave, Kebumen

Kebumen-caveJatijajar Cave is a tourist place of the natural cave, which is located in the village Jatijajar, Kebumen. This cave was formed from limestone. Cave Jatijajar length from the entrance to the exit along 250 meters. The average width of 15 meters and an average height 12 meters while the thickness of the ceiling on average 10 meters, and the level of 50 meters above sea level. Jatijajar Cave, located 21 kilometers to the south Gombong, or 42 kilometers west Kebumen. Jatijajar cave at the foot of limestone mountains. This tourism object is very interesting indeed. This limestone mountain range stretching from the north and south ends jutting into the sea in the form of a cape. Within this space, you can see the springs called Sendang. Number 4 is being such a fruit, that is Sendang Rose, kantil, Jombor and Puserbumi. Rose is being trusted has supernatural powers that can make a person stay young, so every visitor is always the time to wash the face with water that Sendang Rose. jatijajar goa In the Cave Jatijajar, there are many Stalagmite and Limestone Pillar or Pillar, namely the meeting between the Stalagmite Stalactite. All of this is formed by sediments raindrops that had reacted with limestone rocks in her translucent. According to research experts, for the formation of Stalactite it takes a very long time. In one year the thickest Stalactite formation thickness is only 1 (one) cm only. Therefore Goa is Goa Lime Jatijajar very old.

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