Guci Nature Reserve

Central Java

Guci Nature Reserve


Longitude (DD) 109.16408248
Latitude (DD) -7.25254277
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1924
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 2

Basic Nature Reserve designation is Local Degree Vases January 11, 1927,
area of 2.0 hectares. (January 1, 1924).
Geographically located at 108 -ª 15’05 “BT and 06 -ª 15’O5” S,
while according to the administration area is located in the Village Rembul,
Sub Bojong Tegal regency.
Vases Nature Reserve has a wavy topografl (contour interval 50 m).
located at an altitude of -ª 1250 m above sea permukaann with soil type
andesite hollow-cavity. Annual rainfall 170.6 mm, humidity 79.58%
with the lowest temperature 12 -ª C and the highest 20 -ª C.
Based on Evaluation Results Vases Nature Reserve in 2000 know that the reserve
there are 7 kinds of natural plants, namely Pinus (Pinus merkusii), Puspa (Schima
walichii), Acacia (Acacia decurens), Ocarpa (Pinus oocarpa), Pasang (Quercus sp.),
Drinks (Caliiandra, sp.), And Arumdalu.
Fauna species found and are still found in the Nature Reserve is a type Vases
Emprit (Lonchura leucogastroides), Ciblek (Prinia familiaris), Spotted (Streptopelia
chinensis), robin (Pycnonotus aurigaster), Trocokan, Swallow (Collocalia esculenta),
Plentet (Lanius schach), Lathe, Titi and Pleci Goci.
Other Potential
The main potential of the CA Vases are natural hot springs. Hot water
utilized by Tegal regency government as a tourist attraction made pond
local artificial way flow through the pipe.
Guei Nature Reserve can be achieved and the three cities, namely:
1. Tegal distance -ª 45 km to the south toward the Slawi, Yomani, Bojong,
Vases Tuwel later. At this point is a good public transportation yellow plates,
and the black plate.
2. Pemalang with distance -ª 65 km to the south toward the Randudongka, Moga
then Vases. At this point there is only public transport black plate and
motorcycles. Purwokerto through Bumiayu, Margasari, Bojong and Vases
Balai KSDA Central Java
Jl. Minister Supeno 1 / 2 fl. IV
Semarang 50,243
Tel. [024] 8414750 – Fax. [024] 8417020


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