Central Java, Karang Bolong Beach, Kebumen

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Central Java, Karang Bolong Beach, Kebumen



Karang Bolong beach is one of the attractions in Kebumen are included in the Karst Mountains of South Gombong. Located about 40 km south-west. And can be reached overland from the second transport path. First Instance, of the City Kebumen Gombong tourists to the city and after that take a major transportation route Karang Bolong.

Another alternative of the City Kebumen majored Petanahan, then select the path to the beach Suwuk transportation, and from Suwuk can proceed easily because the location of the two beaches are very close together and only separated by a river estuary.

The beach is a must visit if you are in Kebumen because besides having beautiful beaches and charming scenery, is also synonymous with swiftlet.

Karang Bolong beach is not very extensive compared to other beaches. Adjacent to the east coast there is upstream of a river that is usually used local people to find fish. Karang Bolong beach adjacent to the beach Suwuk very interesting because of the waves hitting the rocks and swaying coconut trees which in turn make the liver was cool.

The tourists who visited Karang Bolong beach will usually be at the same time visit some other places such as, Beach Logending, Jatijajar Goa, Goa Petruk. Because it is located in one place the same region.

During perjanan from Coast to Coast Logending Karang Bolong which is about 20 Km, we will come back impressed with the natural ambience of a beautiful stretch of beach from the sea and the mountains. We can see the expanse of the sea from a point on the hill and provided some food and drink stalls merchants so that will make the trip more memorable.

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