Southeast Sulawesi Wanci Wakatobi Fort Liya

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Southeast Sulawesi Wanci Wakatobi Fort Liya

The area around the fort is the dwelling settlement of local people, comprising plain houses. There is a local road of compacted cement, of 1.5 meters wide. In the west the coast is visible; the people earn their living by working in the plantations/yards and as fishermen. Akses Menuju Lokasi (Access to location description) Travel to Wangi Wangi island by Susu Air from Kendari, for about 2 hours. Then proceed from Wanci airport by car for 30 minutes. To reach Fort Liya, travel by motor-cycle, 15 km. From Wanci town toward the south. Uraian Tentang Kawasan (Environmental Description 1km radius) Fort Liya is located on Wangi-Wangi island, south of Wanci town, the capital of Wakatobi Regency – the regency is conducting development activities to become a tourist place that can compete with other tourist places in Indonesia.

FORT LIYA Sejarah (History) It is thought that the fort was built or restored since the reign of Sultan Lang Kari IX in 1712, with the title of Sakiunuddin Darul Alam. The Sultan had 3 sons and 1 daughter; one of the sons was La Ode Ali who was crowned as the First Liya King around 1730. However, it is surmised that since the 11th century there had already been landlords or village heads who were also known as small kings in Liya and the surrounding area. With the centrum in Oroho island. They were descendants of the soldiers of Princess Khan, the first ruler in Butaon island, who lived in Baane Meja Kamaru Mountain.

Liya Fortress conditions in Wakatobi, Sulawesi Tenggara, neglected by much of the damage and age. The community is urging the government restored the fort to preserve the historical value. “In addition, if restored, could be an alternative Liya Citadel interesting attractions in the Wakatobi,” said Chairman of the Forum Family Liya Habiu LM Ali on Friday (04/01/2011) in Kendari. The physical condition of the fort made of natural stone, said Ali, remaining less than 10 percent. Besides age, the fort suffered severe destruction during the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945. “Japan ordered the demolition of the fort and the material used for road foundations and piers,” he said. As a result, building the fort which was as high as 3 meters with a circumference of the outermost 16 km now just leaving the foundation as high as 1 meter. Gates of the fort are also many that have been damaged. Some buildings in the complex, such as Baruga (meeting place) and the cannons of the kingdom, also had weathered and rusted. Liya Citadel is one of the fortress complex owned by the Sultanate of Buton, one of the maritime kingdom in Southeast Sulawesi, which debuted in the 16th century and 17. The fort was located on the island of Wangi-scented, now enter sub-scented fragrance South, Wakatobi. However, based on the testimony Ali, who believes there is a version Liya fort existed long before the Sultanate of Buton stood. “Some historians say Buton, Liya Fortress was built around the 13th century by the first king who is a descendant dynasty Liya Rajasa in Kediri,” he said. This year, Ali adds, there are plans to restore some of Citadel Liya is a project of the Ministry of Public Works. Fund of Rp 2.3 billion of which will be used to repair the fort door 15, Baruga, the establishment of the gate, and the development of arts and cultural center. “The restoration is part Sail Wakatobi preparation for next August,” he said. Contacted separately, head of Makassar BP3 Andi Muhammad Said, who also oversees the area of Southeast Sulawesi, said this month it would reduce the team to perform technical studies Fortress Liya restoration. “The study calculates what should be done, what kind of restoration model, and estimate the costs,” he said. Based on the assessment BP3, Fort Liya very feasible for restoration because in addition to a high historical value is also the potential magnitude of the cultural and historical attractions in the Wakatobi. “However, the restoration was not entirely done by BP3, but is also expected to have contributions from local government,” said Said.

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