South Sulawesi Sanrobone Fort Sanrobone

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South Sulawesi Sanrobone Fort Sanrobone

The area around Fort Sanrobone is a densely populated settlement with many fishponds own by the people. There is the tomb of Sanrobone King near the mosque, which is the site of pilgrimage by the people. In the northeast field a traditional dwelling has been built, used to conduct public meetings. Akses Menuju Lokasi (Access to location description) The site can be easily reached since the greatest part of the road is already asphalted. By car or motor-cycle from Makassar city, the journey would take about 1.5 hours Uraian Tentang Kawasan (Environmental Description 1km radius) The fort is located in Takalar Regency, 40 km south of Makassar city on the lowlands, near a beautiful beach; densely populated with insufficient public facilitiesLocated on the island fortress Sanrobone Sanrobone Takalar District. Making the walls and walls of the fort Sanrobone by Panca Dampang Belong (King of the Kingdom Sanrobone I) on the orders of King of Gowa and carried out by the people as a mutual aid around XVI century. Sanrobone fortress made of brick and formed a boat with a length of about 3.7 km. The fort has seven doors of the fortress which is 4 doors in the direction of the compass and 3 small doors. Some of the hillside history of them, cannon weighing about 150 kg, keris, and the tomb of King Sanrobone (kabbanga). The fort is interesting to visit because of past history is worth about the existence and struggle Sanrobone kingdom in South Sulawesi.

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