South Sulawesi Fort Balangnipa

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South Sulawesi Fort Balangnipa

Initially, Fort Balangnipa was a defense structure of the kingdoms in Tellunglimpoe; however, in its efforts to conquer Bone Kingdom, the Dutch considered that Sinjay had to be first conquered, especially Bulo-Bulo kingdom the biggest ally of Bone kingdom. Several wars ensued between the Dutch and the kingdoms of Tellunglimpoe. During the war in 1859 the Dutch succeeded to occupy Fort Balangnipa; then in 1864, after it was under the Dutch, Fort Balang Nipa underwent changes: its wall was made from red bricks, sand, lime, cement; its floors from wood and its roof from tiles  those changes were completed in 1868 and the fort then became the seat of Dutch government. During the Japanese occupation, Fort Balangnipa became the headquarters of Japanese Police Force, and was used as the site to conduct military trainings for Sinjai youth. Since it was occupied by the Japanese, Fort Sinjai was not spared during World War II. Near the end of the Japanese occupation in 1945, two buildings inside the fort, one in the south and one in the west, were destroyed by allied bombs. After their defeat, the Japanese left Fort Balangnipa. Until it was deserted by the South Sulawesi Provincial government in 1984/1985, Fort Balangnipa was the Office of the Indonesian Police Force 1444 of Sinjai Regency. (Rian Timadar, 2010)

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