NTT Solor Lohayong Fort Lohayong/Henricus

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NTT Solor Lohayong Fort Lohayong/Henricus

Fort Lohayong or Fort Henricus is made of stone layers with a mixture of lime and sand. The fort faces northeast and there is a bastion in each of its corners. The bastions in the east and south are square; the bastion in the west corner is half a circle and the north bastion cannot be identified as the greater part of its wall has collapsed and the lower part is covered by grass and shrubs. There are two gates at Fort Henricus: in the northeast and in the southwest. At the northeast gate are layers of stones that form the wall and terrace. Similarly in the east and north bastions. The thickness of walls is about 2 meters, and the height is between 0.5 to 4 m. The southeast and southwest walls near the south bastion are relatively intact. The stone layers are still visible, with a height until 4 m. Big trees grow in the north and west bastions, their roots penetrating into the structure cutting the stone layers.

Lohayong village has fairly complete public facilities. In the northeast is Lohayong pier which connects Lohayong village to the relatively densely populated Larantuka Regency town. Akses Menuju Lokasi (Access to location description) Larantuka HarborPier at Lohayong village about 1 hour. The fort is located near the pier. Uraian Tentang Kawasan (Environmental Description 1km radius) Solor island is part of East Flores Regency with Larantuka as the capital. The island is located on the south part of Flores island. There are limited public facilities in Solor island.

Written by Mark Schellekens. Photos by Mark Schellekens and Greg Wyncoll On January 7th, I paid a visit to the island of Solor off Flores’ North/East coast. My main goal was to have a birdwatching trip on an virtually unknown island combined with a visit to the ruins of the fort. Solor is easily reached from both Flores and nearby Adonara. Direct small boats go early mornings from both Larantuka on Flores and Wairwerang on Adonara to Menanga and Lemakera on Solor. The fort is located in the village of Lohayong (about 3km West of Menanga) on the Eastern part of the island. The site of the fort is sadly overgrown with vegetation and villagers have built houses on the foundations of the fort. Still, several walls are still standing up and the entrance can still be found as well as 2 abandoned cannon. Foundations can easily be traced and some of the walls facing the sea are still standing up. The soil at the site is littered with debris from the fort and pieces of glass with VOC-logo and pieces of Dutch pottery were also found. Before visiting the fort, visitors are asked to sign the guestbook of the mayor of Lohayong and donate a small fee. In the village of Lemakera on the Eastern tip of Solor, there is a collection of 13 Portuguese guns that were left behind. Some women guard the guns and a small fee will be asked if one wants to take pictures of the guns.

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