Lombok, Cakranegara, Narmada Taman Temple

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Lombok, Cakranegara, Narmada Taman Temple



Narmada is located about ten km east of Pura Meru, right of the main road to Labuhan Lombok. The big, central, artificial lake looks like Danau Segara Anak, in the crater of Gunung Rinjani. It was built in 1805 by the raja of Mataram when he got too old to climb the Rinjani to place his sacrifices there. The replica of the volcanic lake was enough for the raja; others said he built it to see the girls from the village bathing, to pick them afterward. The biggest part of the Narmada complex nowadays is open, included the traders with food and drinks.For a very small amount you can rent a boat for on the lake. You can also find a swimming pool there. It’s opened daily, and the view from there is actually very nice.

A part of the Narmada complex, the Pura Kelasa, is still used by local Balinese. It’s the center of the annual Pujawali ritual, in which sacrifices are given to the artificial lake. Among them are ducks, which are soon grabbed by the boys from the neighborhood. Some Balinese climb the Rinjani to offer gold and other objects near Danau Segara Anak during a ceremony which is called Pakelem. This takes place during full moon of Purnama Kelima, the fifth Balinese lunar month.

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