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Motor Vessels Ria wisata

Bali – Nusatenggara – Sumbawa

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The ‘Ria Wasata’ is a comfortable 65ft Balinese Outrigger which is very well maintained in the off season every year. It sleeps up to 12 people comfortably in 12 single bunks.

A fully enclosed cabin keeps out the elements, while opening windows and curtains along its length allow for regulation of air and sunlight. As a lot of time (whilst not surfing) will be spent on the deck, there is a large canopy for shelter from the sun and loose cushions for comfort.
There’s a toilet and shower area for a wash down towards the back of the boat.
A roofed area of the deck allows you to sit comfortably in the shade … that is if you can resist the barrels pouring through only 50 metres away!
A zodiac is used to transfer surfers to the surf and is also an extra safety feature. The crew will also pick you up after you finish surfing – the usually signal is to hold the nose of your board in the air.
Five outboard motors and streamlined hull give speed and relaibility getting you quickly between the breaks.
Snorkeling and fishing gear is also available.
All harbour and boat permits are kept in order by the captain and a marine radio is on board for general and emergency use.
Lifejackets are supplied for all on board.
A good quality stereo, television and DVD on board can provide a chance to view some of the days surfing and activities, so bring your favourite CD’s and your video camera (which is rechargeable on board using an adaptor). Or take in a video you can hire from Bali prior to departing.
Mobile phone reception is available for more than half of the journey depending on location.
GPS system & depth sounder.
Where possible, some motoring is done at night.
All these features make this the best outrigger surf trip available.

Food & Drinks
The crew dive for seafood as well as trolling for fish and combined with rice dishes, fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, noodles and non alcoholic drinks the hungriest should be satisfied.
Alcholic drinks can be purcahsed before the trip begins – Spirits you can get duty free on your way to Bali (plenty of coke & fanta is supplied) and the captain Wayan can organise crates of beer for you at locals prices (as there is nothing quite like a Bintang or two after a hard days surfing!)
The boat is equipped with two large iceboxs to keep drinks cold and food fresh.

Sample Itinerary

This itinerary is set up as a guide and may vary depending on the conditions, and passenger requests.

Day 1

Bali and Nusa Lembongan

Meet the ‘Captain’ early morning, and be transferred by bemo to Sanur to take your boat transfer to Nusa Lembongan Island where you will join the Ria Wisata. If the tides are OK you may join the Rai Wisata in Sanur. If tides are lower you will be transferred to Nusa Lembongan Island by the Ria Wisata speed boat. You will motor up the east coast of Bali, passing the almighty Mt. Agung. Then it is across Bali Straight, one of the deepest in the world, and time to troll for mackerel, wharhoo or barracouta. You can get an afternon session in at ‘Shipwrecks’.

Day 2

Surfin’ Safari

An early start sees you at Desert Point Lombok. It rates second to G-Land and on its day is a tube ride you will never forget?best at half or low tides. After one or two sessions our boat anchors in a protected lagoon, one kilometre from Desert for your second night.

Day 3

More Desert Point plus Gili Island

An early wake up, breakfast, then another session at Desert Point which is followed by lunch. In the afternoon we cruise up to the Gili Islands, a typical Indo Econo Backpackers stopover with huts, post office and bars, right on the beach?.a late night bar if your surfing legs can handle it.

Day 4

Lombok and Scar Reef

Up anchor by 4 am and motor across the North Coast of Lombok, passing the towering active volcano, Mt Rinjani. Before lunch we will anchor in a bay alongside Scar Reef, a playful 50 metre left with an off the wall tube section at the end. If the swell size is OK we will get a good second session in after lunch?if not it’s a good time for some spear fishing before watching the sunset behind the waves.

Day 5

Will it be Super Suck, Yo Yo’s, Scar Reef or the lot!

Depends on the swell, but Yo Yo’s, which is just down the coast and a five minute walk the the Jungle, is best early morning. It is a beautiful open beach with left and right breaks. The afternoon session will most likely be back at Scar Reef. In the late afternoon you can enjoy a reef walk which is a great way to end another perfect Indo day.

Day 6

The last fruits of Sumbawa

An early check of the surf and plenty of time to enjoy the last fruits of Sumbawa and what Scar Reef has to offer. After lunch we will up anchor for the cruise back to Gili Island for your last tropical night on the boat. We will anchor right on the beach and give you a chance to stretch your legs, sit back and relax and enjoy a ‘Bintang’ or two before sunset.

Day 7

One Last Chance at Desert Point

Sun up starts with breakfast and then we cruise south to Desert Point. Conditions permitting there is time for one last session at the point?..a perfect way to conclude this surfing adventure. It is only two hours of motoring back to Nusa Lembongan, having you back in time for another chance at Shipwreck.

Day 8

A free morning for another session at Lembongan or Ceningan before being transferred back to Bali.

This package may be extended (for groups) to suit everyone’s individual needs.

The itinerary onboard is set up as a guide and may vary depending on the conditions, and passenger requests.


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