Bedugul, Eco Village, Kiadan Pelaga

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Bedugul, Eco Village, Kiadan Pelaga


Kiadan Pelaga Village – Coffee in the clouds.

In and around Kiadan Pelaga

Situated 1100 meters above sea level, southeast of Mt Mangu, cool and green Kiadan Pelaga is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal towns. The vegetation here is lush, and can be seen stretching away onto distant forested mountainsides. Closest to the village, however, the earth is devoted to the village’s ‘brown gold’- coffee.

Seventy percent of Kiadan Pelaga’s residents are farmers. If there is little activity on the streets, you’ll see why when you enter the ‘kebun’ – the gardens – where men and women are hard at work. The kebun are extensive and diverse. Crops are mixed and matched, but far from randomly planted. The combinations of crops are chosen strategically to eliminate the need for chemical inputs such as fertlisers and pesticides. Almost everything is organic.

The coffee beans, both Arabica and Robusta droop from branches, starting green, then ripening into sunset yellows, oranges and reds. Picking the red berries is quick work, but it is just the beginning of the process. Farmers then sun-dry the coffee beans, turning them regularly. When they are dry, the beans are husked. Roasting is next, in the village ovens, and lastly grinding, releasing heady aromas which remind us what all the hard work was for.

Kiadan Pelaga is surrounded by forest including native bamboo, ricefields, rivers and gorges. It offers some beautiful trekking, enhanced by the local understanding provided by your guide.

Accommodation in Kiadan Pelaga

Accommodation in Kiadan Plaga is home stay with family, set as originally Balinese house compound but comfortable. Stay with the family in the village will give you the opportunity to experience daily life in the village as a part of the family. Most of the rooms are twin bed and spread in some familie

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