1597, Cornelis de Houtman

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1597, Cornelis de Houtman









Cornelis de Houtman 1597
He sailed via the Cape of Good Hope to Java. Frederick de Houtman and his brother were in 1592 by the Compagnie van Verre to Lisbon to seek out new business opportunities for pepper to investigate. The trade, mainly in Portuguese hands, came in the years before halt at the hands of English privateers. The two brothers were put in prison in Lisbon for “espionage”. It had namely attempted to lay hands on the findings of their compatriot Huygen van Linschoten, in Portuguese service is very important information was gathered on the route to the Indies and the trade with Asia.
After being released and returned to Holland departed Cornelis de Houtman on 2 April 1595, together with his brother Frederick on the ship Mauritius, Hollandia, Amsterdam and the smaller pinnace * Duyfken on “First Ship Vaert” to the Indies.
The fleet was composed in 1594 by the Amsterdam merchants formed “Compagnie van Verre”. The trip was bars and angry, full of hunger, scurvy, mutiny and exhaustion. After a long delay in Madagascar and disputes between masters and merchants ships arrived on June 6, 1596 speech at the Bantam, the main pepper port on the western part of Java. Probably due to the machinations of the already established by Portuguese traders and impolitic act of the Dutch, they failed in the coveted spices in buying. They sailed eastward and found the island of Madura, where they were peacefully received. Fearing betrayal gave Houtman command to attack the population, an assignment with great cruelty was performed, after which they fled with their ships.
Cornelis de Houtman was then dismissed as an expedition leader rebelled against him board ship. Due to leakage and lack of crew was in Amsterdam on January 11, 1597 Bawean abandoned and burned. Not until the end February 1597 managed to get some spices and shortly thereafter became the home journey through the three ships accepted.
On this trip home was at first visited Bali, where the expedition was very hospitably received. The midshipman Roodenburgh Cooper and Jacob Claesz remained behind on the island. The rest of the trip was one of hardship, because in St. Helena prevented the Portuguese, the Dutch food and water could take. Of the 249 sailors who had left the Texel, only 89 would return. They were too weak to itself the Hollandia, Mauritius and Duyfken moor.
The whole trip was recorded in a journal by William Lodewijcksz. and although the expedition was a humanitarian disaster and was played quite financially possible, left the following year, six new expeditions from Holland to the present Indonesia. The journey of Cornelis de Houtman can be considered as a step towards the establishment of the VOC and the start of the colonization of this island kingdom.



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