Klunkung-Dewa Agung Cokorde Gede Agung

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Present Cokorda (King): Tjokorda Gde Agung Semaraputra
The Cokorda was installed in october 2010.

This is the administrative capital of the regency with the same name. The town is of great historical, cultural, and artistic significance.
Gelgel, just to the south of Klungkung, was the seat of the mighty Majapahit empire in the 15th and 16th century which moved to Klungkung itself in the 17th century. This was a golden age for art and culture in Bali, and Klungkung was the centre of it all.

New king in Klungkung (october 2010): link

History: link
Klungkung Palace: link
About Dewa Agung (king of kings): link

1352 On breakup of all-Bali state, primacy of status continues at Samprangan, later at Gelgel, and from 1686 at Klungkung, with the distinctive style Dewa Agung.
1849 – 1904 Ruler styled Susuhunan (“emperor”) of Bali and Lombok by Netherlands colonial government.
1904 – 1906 Ruler styled Susuhunan Klungkung by colonial government.
28 Apr 1908 State extinguished by colonial government.
1929 Ruling line nominally restored.

Rulers (title Dewa Agung)
…. – 1815? Dewa Agung Sakti
…. – …. Dewa Agung Pañji
(probably regent for incapacitated Dewa Agung Sakti)
…. – 1809 Dewa Agung Putra I 
(probably regent for incapacitated Dewa Agung Sakti)
1815 – 1856? Dewa Agung Isteri Kania (f)
– jointly with the following two –
1815 – 1851 Dewa Agung Gede Putra II
1851 – 1903 Dewa Agung Putra III
1903 – 28 Apr 1908 Dewa Agung Jambe II (d. 1908)
25 Jul 1929 – 1965 Dewa Agung Oka Geg (b. 1896 – d. 1965)
1965 – 1998 Interregnum
1998 – Dewa Agung Cokorde Gede Agung

sources: Kingdoms of Indonesia

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