Bali, Kuta, AquaMarine Diving

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Bali, Kuta, AquaMarine Diving

Bali Diving Home


AquaMarine Diving – Bali is owned and run by Annabel Thomas, English, PADI MFAI 462621. AquaMarine is the only British owned and managed dive shop in Bali. And, the only one run by a woman.

AquaMarine is a small company and will stay that way. As Ms. Thomas says “I want to keep people as people, not as numbers. Bali is a great place and the diving here is phenomenal – it is a shame that some people come here to dive and are put into ‘The Production Line'”.

AquaMarine is a PADI Resort, R-6344, and is one of the few dive shops in Bali that is totally dedicated to diving. AquaMarine does not offer dolphin watching tours or white-water rafting (although can arrange it all for guests if required).

The dive shop is physically located in Kuta – Legion, an area quite popular with tourists and filled with amazing shops! However, we dive all of Bali. AquaMarine picks up and drops off day dive tour guests at their hotel. Multi-day “dive safaris” are organized with any of a number of hotels near sites where safari guests desire to dive.

Dive Gear and Dive Guides

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Synchiropus splendidus AquaMarine divers use Oceanic and Aqualung dive gear, with Camaro wetsuits (very comfortable). We have Bauer Mariner compressors.

Currently, all dive guides are Indonesian and speak English and Japanese. They have all either been trained by an AquaMarine instructor or a dive instructor well-known (to AquaMarine). The dive guides all know every dive site in Bali like the back of their hands, which gives AquaMarine led divers an advantage over dives led by newly hired ex-pat dive guides. Our guides have been visiting the sites for many years. Each guide has had safety procedures drummed into them and is totally reliable in all respects. Wayan, the Senior Divemaster, became AquaMarine’s first Balinese instructor in March 2001.

With AquaMarine, safety and enjoyment are the focus.
AquaMarine does not own accommodation but has contracts with hotels locally, near all the dive sites and around the island for non-diving portions of holidays here.

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