Nasi Kuning, Yellow Rice

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Nasi Kuning, Yellow Rice


Nasi Kuning Yellow Rice

In Bali yellow rice is eaten on the ceremony of Kuningan, but it is also eaten on other days as well. It is eaten in other parts of Indonesia to celebrate weddings and the birth of children. The method of cooking is different from ordinary rice. It is very Balinese to eat the yellow rice with green beans cooked with coconut cream, chilli, palm sugar and shrimp paste. Do not add flavoured accompaniments, as the coconut flavour of the rice is very subtle and can be obliterated.

For 4 people

500g / 1lb long-grain rice
400 ml / ¾ pint coconut cream
1 tsp ground turmeric
Pinch of salt
2 cloves
1 daun salam or 3 curry leaves


1. Soak the rice in water for an hour. Move it to a coriander, wash and drain it. Place it in a saucepan with the coconut cream, turmeric, salt, cloves and daun salam or curry leaves.
2. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 5-6 minutes until the rice has absorbed all the coconut cream.
3. Stir and transfer to a collapsible steamer basket or Chinese steamer and steam for another 20 minutes. (If you do not have a steamer, place the lid on the pot tightly and leave on the lowest heat for another 10 minutes).

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