Rallina-fasciata, Red-legged Crake, Tikusan Ceruling

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Birds of Bali Seldom Seen

Rallina-fasciata, Red-legged Crake, Tikusan Ceruling

The Red-leRallina-fasciata, Red-legged Crake, Tikusan Cerulinggged Crake (Rallina fasciata) is a waterbird in the rail and crake family Rallidae.
Medium-large crake (length 24 cm). Head, neck and breast red-brown, paler on throat. Upperparts grey-brown. Under parts and under wing barred black and white. Bill green; legs and feet red.

Distribution and habitat

North-eastern India, southern Burma, Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Indonesia. Recorded as a vagrant to north-western Australia. Found in dense vegetation close to permanent wetlands.


Clutch of 3-6 dull-white eggs.


Series of descending croaks, screams and grunts.


With a large range and no evidence of significant decline, this species is assessed as being of Least Concern.


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